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This is the idea of a new vehicle. Imagine a vehicle between a bicycle and a car, which is cool, keeps you in shape, brings you clean and dry to work and is friendly to the environment. It is faster and much more comfortable than a bike and smaller, lighter and healthier than a classic car.

The Velocar we are talking about here is a new generation of velomobile. Where typical velomobiles often look like aerodynamik land speed record racers we are working on a vehicle that perfectly fits ones commuting and is fun to drive and stylish at the same time.


Small Size

A vehicle for one person plus luggage - ideal for every day commuting, including shopping. Finding a place to park will be easy.

Join us!

Velocar.ORG is seeking people, who want to make this dream reality. You are welcome to join.
Write us to learn more about the project.



The electrical assist has no local emissions and you only need very little energy, because the velocar is light and your the pedalings gives power too.

Weather protected convertible

The fully enclosed body with good ventilation keeps you dry and clean when itís raining. The convertible feature give you a feeling of freedom and adventure in summer when you want to feel the warm air.

Further Information

Spezification (DE) - There is a lot to do. These is the current technical data of the velocar. This page is in German, you might try a Google Translation.

Historical Models and Similar Approaches (DE) - The idea of a closed vehicle for a maximum of two people is not new. There were and are already many approaches. This page is in German, you might try a Google Translation.

Healty fun to drive

Enjoy the sporty, direct feeling of pedaling. Get sweaty only if you want to: A variable electrical assist engine allows you to always choose the amount of power you want to pedal, even uphills.

Stylish optics

We all buy cars not by technical data alone. It has to be comfortable and good looking. The velocar will make you proud to own one.